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Why Bedrock?

Trusted by 400+ Doctors.
Proven results from more than 30,000 patients.

About Bedrock Bioscience

Our collection of medical-grade, FDA-cleared light therapy devices, supplements, and more provides doctors with industry-leading, solutions for Neuropathy, Joint Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, and Weight Loss.

Bedrock Bioscience leads the red light therapy industry, offering advanced, non-invasive devices that not only address root causes of pain and neuropathy but do so without the side effects of prolonged painkiller use.

Our mission is simple: supply high-quality devices and supplements that address chronic health issues, rather than masking symptoms.

These light therapy devices are used by practitioners across the nation to treat their patients’ daily pain.

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Neuropathy is a painful condition caused by damage to the nerves. Common causes include Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and vitamin deficiencies.
Our red light therapy devices penetrate deep into the skin (painlessly) to regenerate cells and promote healing.
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Weight Loss

Whether your patients have a health condition that causes weight gain or just need to adjust their lifestyle, our products can help.
From our Body Reboot Lightpad to our specially formulated supplements, we have plenty that can help your patients.
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Men's Health

More than helping treat ED, our devices can help with many common ailments that men are faced with.
Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that is an alternative to traditional pills.
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LED Red Light Therapy

For Every Part of the Body

Whatever your patient Needs:

We have a light for that!

Red light therapy is a wonderful, pain-free, non-invasive alternative to traditional pain management.

At Bedrock Bioscience, we believe that everyone can live pain free and that’s why we offer comprehensive options for your patients. From pain after surgery or arthritis, to chronic neuropathy pain and erectile dysfunction, you will find our devices useful.
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Backed By Research

Explore our collection of 50+ clinical studies that back our products.


“I can say from all the things we've tried, this has performed the best."
Dr. Schotzko
“With all of the garbage they offer for pain I was very skeptical but my nerve pain is so severe I had nothing to lose. I only bought one and this is the real deal. It worked the first time I took it."
“We use the lights. They're fantastic. They don't break. Bottom line, people get better when they use them."
Dr. Smith
“Presently taking it and yes it does work! It goes with an infrared light treatment that's done twice a day. I've been taking it 3 months and I'm doing better with my neuropathy."
“You HAVE to use these lights to get the results to get the kind of results you want with patients…”
Dr. Smith

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