Body Reboot LED Lightpad

The Body Reboot light exclusively utilizes 630 wavelength red light and is designed to be easily applied to the midsection, thighs or arms.




The Bedrock Bioscience Body Reboot LED Lightpad is a Red light device that has 128 diodes in 635nm that is used as a heat therapy device. It’s designed to be easily applied to the feet, leg, hands, and arms. Made of a soft neoprene material, the device is flexible and made to conform to the shape of the body part that it is being treated. It also includes a clear plastic cover over the diodes to make cleaning quick and easy after each use. Using hook and loop straps that are stretchable, it’s able to be tightly strapped in place for the duration of the 15 minute treatment time producing a total of 5760 Joules of energy to the treatment area in that time.



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