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The men’s health bundle is ideal for patient use by itself or in conjunction with injections and shock wave therapy. Included in the bundle is the Men’s Health Light, an Infrared and Red light device used to promote recovery and increase blood flow to the penis. Bedrock Bioscience Men’s Health Formula that contains four vital nutrients for men’s health which can help promote blood vessel relaxation, increase blood flow, provide antioxidants, and increase response time to sexual stimuli. and an external penile rigidity pump intended to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve a lasting erection long enough to have sexual intercourse.



Our Men’s Health Bundle includes the following items:

  • Men’s Health Light (1 lightpad)
  • Men’s Health Formula Capsules (3 bottles)
  • Men’s Health Pump (1 pump)
  • Water Based Lubricant

2 reviews for Men’s Health Bundle

  1. Sean

    It’s comfortable to wear and seem to actually make a difference! I don’t use the strap personally, but that’s up to you

  2. Sean

    It works good and the case that it comes in is great. You can’t even tell what’s in the case if it’s lying around by accident or something

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