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Pro Series Neuropathy Bundle

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Pro Series Neuropathy Bundle


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Our Pro Series Neuropathy Bundle includes 1 Pro Series Footlight with pulsed magnetic technology and 3 bottles of our Nerve Support Formula Capsules.

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Product Details

Our Pro Series Neuropathy Bundle includes the following items:  


The Bedrock Bioscience Pro Series Footlight with pulsed magnetic technology is an Infrared and Red light device that has 180 diodes with half being 660nm and half being 880nm (UV non-visible spectrum) that is used to promote healing and provide pain relief while increasing blood flow to the area being treated. It’s designed to be easily applied to the feet, leg, hands, and arms. It will also help provide relaxation of muscles and relief of symptoms of muscle spasms. In turn, it will also relieve aches and pain associated with arthritis.

Made of a rubberized textile material, the device is flexible and made to conform to the shape of the body part that it is being treated. Using straps that are stretchable, it’s able to be tightly strapped in place for the duration of the 30 minute treatment time.

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Bedrock Bioscience Nerve Support Formula contains five vital nutrients for healthy nerves. Alpha Lipoic Acid, B6, B12, Benfotiamine, and Folate all make up the main ingredients in this formulation. These ingredients combine powerful antioxidant components with nerve protection support and have been shown to help with nerve pain and brain function. A powerful combination of ingredients for anyone, but even more beneficial for those that suffer with ailments in these areas. Manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered facility. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.

Who Needs Nerve Support?

While our formula is safe for anyone looking for quality supplements, they are geared towards those with existing neuropathy and other nerve issues. Our formulation has helped people with the following types of conditions:
  • Diabetes: Diabetes is notorious for causing nerve related ailments such as tingling, burning, numbness, and pain. 
  • Injuries: Those who have suffered from neuropathy due to an injury may find some healing and relief with our nerve support formula.
  • Hereditary Disorders: There are many disorders that are inherited that can benefit from supplements specially formulated for neuropathy issues.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Some neuropathy is caused by lack of vitamins in the diet. Our nerve support formula aims to get your levels back up to normal.
Our nerve support formula combined with our innovative use of Red Light Therapy devices will set your patients up for success. Bedrock Biosciene’s Pro Series Footlight comes completely assembled and can be used immediately.

Our Nerve Capsules

We wanted anyone who needs supplements for support to be able to take our capsules. That’s why we made sure that they do not contain gluten, dairy, casein, soy, egg, or artificial additives (colors, sweeteners, or preservatives). Take 2 capsules per day without food or as directed by your healthcare professional. Keep this bottle tightly closed and store it in a cool, dry place.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant that’s been used for years to relieve neuropathy in European countries. It moves into the nerve cells which improves blood flow and oxygen to the nerves. ALA has been shown in several double-blind placebo, controlled studies to ease the numbness, burning, and pain associated with neuropathy. Vitamin B6 helps to increase nerve function and balance the nerve metabolism neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 also helps to synthesize sphingolipids which are integral components of a healthy myelin sheath. Vitamin B12 is a critical nutrient for proper nerve function, and deficiency has been linked to neuropathy in the hands and feet. This B-vitamin helps form and maintain a protective fatty layer that surrounds the nerve, known as the myelin sheath. Without a strong myelin sheath to protect the nerve cell, the nerve becomes unstable and cannot function properly. Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of vitamin B1. Studies have demonstrated a reduction in neuropathy pain as well as improved sensation with the use of benfotiamine. Folate is important during the aging process because it provides nourishment for the brain and the production of blood cells. Folate has been shown to significantly improve the function of the endothelium (lining of blood vessels). We use Magnafolate in our formulation, a trademarked ingredient is a patented form of folate in the form of a C crystalline salt type which results in significantly better absorption and higher bioavailability.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Product Specifications


  • Model No: BBS-PSF-MFL-180-BLU
  • Wavelengths: 90x 660nm (red) and 90x 880nm (infrared) Diodes
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Material: Rubberized Textile
  • 180 Diodes
  • Treatment Area: 136 in2
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Product comes with lightpad, power cord with controller and straps
  • 20 minute treatment time


The Bedrock device comes completely assembled and ready to use. Your box will include the following:

  1. Light Pad (rubberized nylon fabric, latex-free)
  2. Carrying Case
  3. Power Supply with controller
  4. User Guide and Operating manual



L-Citrulline - Helps improve blood flow in the body. In studies, L-citrulline supplementation has been shown to have positive effects on improving exercise blood flow in older adults1 and sexual health in men.2

L-Arginine - Helps the body to dilate blood vessels and increase nitric oxide levels. In some studies, L-Arginine supplementation has been shown to have positive effects on both athletic performance3 and sexual stimuli4.

Pine Bark Extract - Helps increase blood flow

Ginger Rhizome Extract - Helps reduce oxidative stress and other age-related changes to cells and tissues

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  2. Cormio L, De Siati M, Lorusso F, Selvaggio O, Mirabella L, Sanguedolce F, Carrieri G. Oral L-citrulline supplementation improves erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction. Urology. 2011 Jan;77(1):119-22. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2010.08.028. PMID: 21195829.
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Product Documentation

Pro Series Footlight – Quick Start Guide
Pro Series Footlight – User Manual

Product Videos

Pro Series Bundle Videos

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