Red Light Therapy


Red light therapy has been shown in numerous studies that specific wavelengths of red light can help promote natural healing processes of the body . LED wavelengths in 660 nanometers (Red Light) and 880 nanometers (infrared) which are red and infrared light have been clinically proven to promote angiogenesis and tissue healing through several clinical studies and medical journals.1 The therapy also energizes the Mitochondria2; which as we all know from science class, is the powerhouse of the cell. More power from ATP created by the mitochondria translates to a lot of benefits for the user. It makes these cells more active, while decreasing the body’s inflammatory response and the chemicals that cause pain.
We combine both 880 and 660 nanometer diodes because both have different therapeutic effects on the body. Of the two wavelengths, 880nm penetrates the deepest and it promotes deep cellular healing and regeneration. 880nm cannot be seen by the naked eye. 660nm produces red light. Red light therapy increases local circulation and promotes new capillary growth. Optimizing circulation is critical for nerve regeneration in the feet.


With so many lights on the market, here is a checklist to shop by…


The Bedrock Bioscience LED Lightpad is an Infrared and Red light device that has 120 diodes with half being RED 660nm and half being INFRARED 880nm (non-visible spectrum). Together these wave used to promote healing and provide pain relief while increasing blood flow to the area being treated. It’s designed to be easily applied to the feet, leg, hands, and arms. It will also help provide relaxation of muscles and relief of symptoms of muscle spasms. Made of a soft neoprene material, the device is flexible and made to conform to the shape of the body part that it is being treated. Using hook and loop straps that are stretchable, it’s able to be tightly strapped in place for the duration of the 20 minute treatment time producing a total of 2000+ Joules of energy to the treatment area in that time.

Our products produce over 2000 Joules of light directly on the skin in the 20 minute treatment time. Lowering the treatment time lowers the overall effectiveness of a device. Quicker isn’t necessarily always better. The nylon fabric in Bedrock Bioscience lights is a soft, water-wicking material that draws moisture away from the internal electronics. It also keeps bacteria and foul smelling odors at bay. We conformal coat all of our electronics with a proprietary nanocoating to keep any moisture that does make its way in from damaging anything. Every unit is quality controlled each and every step of the build process to ISO 13485 medical manufacturing standards to ensure FDA compliance and a quality build on each and every product produced. We are also FDA registered and manufacture all of our products in an FDA registered facility to ensure we can produce the best and most controlled product possible.
The images above are thermal scans before and after treatment using the Bedrock Bioscience light: the left image shows both feet without treatment, the middle image shows the right foot immediately after treatment, and the right image shows the right foot 30 minutes after treatment.


With so many red light pad choices out there, it’s difficult to decide which one to choose. There’s tons of products on Amazon as well as other medical grade products strictly for providers. We can take a look at some and compare the specifications of each product below. Many products on Amazon have the round bulb diodes which are uncomfortable to wear and are actually not as effective in treatment due to not as much light getting dispersed through the diode surface. More importantly, many of these products are from foreign companies that don’t follow the strict FDA regulations and requirements for medical devices and make improper claims on these devices. This isn’t exactly something to be gambling with and distributing to patients. We follow the proper FDA development and manufacturing requirements for our devices to ensure that they are effective and safe to use.

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