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Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy (or RLT) is a LED light therapy that uses red and infrared light to increase circulation and decrease pain. Red light therapy has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions, promote wound healing, and alleviate pain. Unlike ultraviolet light (like the sun) which can damage the skin, RLT is safe and non-invasive, making it an appealing alternative method.

RLT works by emitting red, and infrared wavelengths of light, which have been proven to penetrate deep into the skin and surrounding tissues. They compare it to how plants take in the sun’s rays and use it during photosynthesis. Studies have shown that the light stimulates cellular repair and increases circulation which leads to a variety of health benefits.

This type of therapy is used in clinical and home settings. People enjoy the rejuvenating skin effects, reduction of inflammation, and improved muscle recovery. Home uses include treatment of acne, psoriasis, anti-aging, and eczema.

Clinical offices may use RLT to accelerate wound healing, reduce joint pain in arthritis, and aid in tissue recovery after an injury, surgery, or exercise.

How It's Used

RLT typically involves direct exposure of the skin to the light source for a set amount of time. Depending on the type of treatment and ailment you’re seeking to correct, the therapy can last from a few minutes, to around 30 minutes. It also depends on the light level of the device you’re using. These services are able to be done in a doctor’s office or at home.

At Bedrock Bioscience, we combine both 880 and 660 nanometer diodes because both have different therapeutic effects on the body. Of the two wavelengths, 880nm penetrates the deepest and it promotes deep cellular healing and regeneration and cannot be seen by the naked eye. 


Your patient’s health is our top priority which is why we choose the best wavelengths for optimal healing.

Red Light Therapy Uses

Wound Healing


Studies have shown that after surgery, or any other type of wound, that red light therapy aids in healing. After the application of the red light therapy device, the amount of inflammatory cells were drastically reduced which helps promote pain relief and anti-infection properties.




This study showed that patients with dementia benefited greatly from red light therapy. Therapy was used up the nose and reports were that the patient was less irritable, had more lucid moments, and slept better. 




Neuropathy is a condition that results from nerve damage. This can result in numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain. Red light therapy has been effective in aiding those with this condition.


Alopecia/Hair Regrowth


Alopecia or patterned baldness is something that plagues millions of people. If your patient is suffering from one of these conditions, home devices have proven effective in the treatment of hair loss.


Dental Industry

Whether it’s for a toothache at home or after a root canal at the dentist, red light therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation caused by mouth problems.


With so many lights on the market, here is a checklist to shop by…

  • Make sure the device you prescribe to your patients is only available for purchase through doctors.
  • Does the device have one or two wavelengths?
  • Make sure the device you use for nerve pain has both red and Infrared wavelengths. Clinical results have been best with combining 660 and 880 wavelengths.
  • Does the device use direct skin contact or non-skin contact? Multiple studies have shown that skin contact proves to be superior with better penetration and significantly more efficient for treatment. With non-skin contact the majority of light reflects off of the skin (up to 90% by some estimates).
  • Does the device have flat or round LED’s?
  • Flat (surface mount) LED’s have twice the optical output of round LED’s. Optical output refers to the actual amount of light that is produced by a LED. Bottom line flat LEDs are much more powerful then round leds and they are much more comfortable.
  • Only use high quality medical grade FDA cleared light products. Bedrock Bioscience uses sophisticated lab testing equipment to ensure every single LED diode is within the specified nanometer range. Avoid low quality non regulated light products found on websites like Amazon or eBay.



There are many types of red light therapy and Bedrock Bioscience uses only the best for your patients.

Our LED Lightpad is an Infrared and Red light device that has 120 diodes with half being RED 660nm and half being INFRARED 880nm (non-visible spectrum). Together these waves are used to promote healing and provide pain relief while increasing blood flow to the area being treated.

It’s designed to be easily applied to the feet, legs, hands, and arms. It will also help provide relaxation of muscles and relief of symptoms related to muscle spasms. 

Made of a soft neoprene material, the device is flexible and made to conform to the shape of the body part that it is being treated. Using hook and loop straps that are stretchable, it’s able to be tightly strapped in place for the duration of the 20 minute treatment time producing a total of 2000+ Joules of energy to the treatment area in that time.

Our products produce over 2,000 Joules of light directly on the skin in the 20 minute treatment time.The nylon fabric in Bedrock Bioscience lights is a soft, water-wicking material that draws moisture away from the internal electronics. 

It also keeps bacteria and foul smelling odors at bay.

Every unit is quality controlled each and every step of the build process to ISO 13485 medical manufacturing standards to ensure FDA compliance and a quality build on each and every product produced. We are also FDA registered and manufacture all of our products in an FDA registered facility to ensure we can produce the best and most controlled product possible

The images above are thermal scans before and after treatment using the Bedrock Bioscience light: the left image shows both feet without treatment, the middle image shows the right foot immediately after treatment, and the right image shows the right foot 30 minutes after treatment.


With so many red light pad choices out there, it’s difficult to decide which one to choose. There’s tons of products on Amazon as well as other medical grade products strictly for providers.

Many products on Amazon have round bulb diodes which are uncomfortable to wear and are not as effective in treatment because not enough light gets dispersed through the diode surface. More importantly, many of these products don’t follow the strict FDA regulations and requirements for medical devices and make improper claims on these devices. This isn’t something to be gambling with and distributing to patients.

At Bedrock Bioscience, we follow the proper FDA development and manufacturing requirements for our devices to ensure that they are effective and safe to use.

Contact us today to talk about which devices may be best for your patients. We are always happy to answer questions.

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