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An Infrared and Red light device used to promote recovery and increase blood flow to the penis.



The Bedrock Bioscience Men’s Performance Light is an Infrared and Red light device that has 38 diodes with half being 660nm and half being 880nm (UV non-visible spectrum) that is used to promote healing and increase blood flow to the area being treated. It’s designed to be easily applied to the penis, and made of a flexible silicone material that is easy to clean with a simple wipe down.. Built with a rechargeable battery, you don’t need to be near an outlet to use the device. Treatment times are 15 minutes each and produce a total of 620+ Joules of energy to the treatment area in that time.

Bedrock Bioscience has sophisticated lab equipment to ensure every single diode is within the specified nanometer range. We don’t mix light to get into the correct range, so each diode is effectively working towards treatment! The Devices’ patented shape is uniquely designed to fit directly around the penis while leaving out the testicles. This design also encapsulates around the penis and redirects light back to the area that needs treatment, making the product more efficient for treatment of this area. The Silicone material of this device is an easily cleaned and water wicking material that fully encapsulates the internal electronics and allows all moisture to just run off of the device without harming it. We also conformal coat all of our electronics with a proprietary nanocoating to keep any moisture from the atmosphere that vacuums in from damaging internal components.

We quality control test every unit each and every step of the build process to ISO 13485 medical manufacturing standards to ensure FDA compliance and a quality build on each and every product produced.

FDA Registered and produced in an FDA Registered factory.



  • Wavelengths: 19x 660nm (red) and 19x 880nm (infrared) Diodes
  • Treatment Area: 5.1” x 5.1”
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Material: silicone
  • Battery embedded on light for portability


3 reviews for Men’s Performance Light

  1. Sean

    It’s comfortable to wear and seem to actually make a difference! I don’t use the strap personally, but that’s up to you

  2. Sarah P.

    My husband was experiencing many issues due to poor circulation, and unfortunately, sexual dysfunction was one of them. We found this light and thought – why not… Already, this wife is a happy camper and my husband has regained his confidence!

  3. Daniel S

    It feels warm and tingly while treating and like it’s working already after a few treatments. I can already feel increased blood flow during treatment and I can tell my libido is already increasing.

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